Titanic Replica Will Aim to Retrace Ill-Fated Ship’s Voyage

The same man who wanted to establish a Jurassic Park theme park now wants to build the Titanic II

The original Titanic in dry dock circa 1911. Photo: Library of Congress

There is something quirky about Australian magnate Clive Palmer. A real estate mogul estimated to be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars, Palmer previously announced that he wanted to build a Jurassic Park theme park, filled to the brim with cloned dinosaurs. Now, he’s building a cruise ship. But not just any cruise ship. Palmer is building Titanic IIa shipped molded in the very image of the ocean liner that sank more than one hundred years ago.

The CBC:

Palmer says the Titanic II will remain very true to the original, with decorations, public spaces and interiors looking very much like the original’s, but improved with modern safety and comfort amenities.

In talks right now to build the $200 million ship, Palmer wants to see it set sail by February 2016, tracing a path from Southampton to New York, just like the original Titanic.

The businessman seems to be on a spending spree, saying: “I want to spend the money that I’ve got before I die.”

Though the Titanic and the Titanic II will be visually similar, he hopes their fates will not be shared.

“One of the benefits of global warming has been that there isn’t so many icebergs in the North Atlantic these days,” quipped Palmer.

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