This Museum Exhibit Shows How Awesome Overlooked Female Drummers Actually Are

It turns out that there are, in fact, women who drum. And they are amazing

Most people think of drummers, from the Little Drummer Boy to today’s punk rockers, as dudes. But it turns out that there are—surprise!—women who drum. And they are amazing. So amazing that MoMA PS1 is doing an entire exhibit about them.

Tom Tom Magazine has created an oral history of female drummers featuring amazing drummers like Ashley “Say Wut?!” Moyer, Kiran Gandhi, Mindy Abovitz and more:

The Oral History of Female Drummers

Mindy Abovitz, both a drummer and the creator of the exhibit explains that the history of female drummers has been passed down by spoken word. “This is my way of showing people what we’ve dealt with as women drummers,” she says. Watch the video, visit the exhibit, and meet the women who drum better than you do.

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