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This Helmet Knows When You’ve Crashed And Calls for Help

A new helmet, registering the impact of a mini-van’s passenger door on your body, has sent out a signal for medical assistance

Ouchies. Image: Shelley Bernstein

The next time you’re down in a ditch after being run off the road by some crazy dude driving a minivan full of screaming children… help might already be on its way. That’s because your helmet, registering the impact of said mini-van’s passenger door on your body, has sent out a signal for medical assistance.

ICEdot, the company that makes the smartest helmet out there, says that its little helper will only send out a signal if you’ve been hit hard enough to have to replace the helmet. So every time you come to a skidding stop or clumsily dismount or fall on your face, the paramedics won’t show up. You can fund this little device at Indiegogo.

The Atlantic Cities has the one caveat:

There is one big catch to this potentially life-saving device: Should you be in a location with no cellphone service, it doesn’t work. So don’t go around crashing into fir trees just because you think somebody will carry you to the hospital.

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