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The Bird in the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock Weighs 330 Pounds

The clock is based on a much smaller cuckoo clock that is about 100 years old - scaled up sixty times


In the  the world’s largest cuckoo clock, found in Triberg, Germany, the cuckoo bird alone is 14 feet long and weighs 330 pounds. The whole thing is based on a much smaller cuckoo clock that is about 100 years old—the Triberg clock is simply scaled up. By sixty times.

But don’t take it from us. Let this giant wooden statue explain it to you:

Here’s what it looks like when it comes out of the clock:

There are more stats on the clock’s website. The pendulum, for example, is 26 feet long and weighs 220 pounds. But this isn’t the only cuckoo clock that has claimed the “world’s largest” title. There’s another clock in Sugarcreek, Ohio, that claims to be the biggest. This clock is 23 feet tall and 24 feet wide. Guinness World Records doesn’t seem to have awarded anybody the title—but perhaps they should come in to settle the score.

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