The Best Songs That Help Us Learn

Songs have a long history of helping us learn things

Earlier this month, the Meyer Levin School for the Performing Arts put out a Gangnam Style parody video about Long Division. I dare you not to enjoy this:

For all the goofiness, songs have a long history of helping us learn things. Take the ABC’s for example:

Or everyone’s favorite history lesson—the Bill on Capitol Hill.

Want to learn all the states and capitals? Try this Animaniacs song:

Actually, the Animaniacs are doing more than their fair share of education in this country. Here’s another song about the nations of the world:

The difference between Istanbul and Constantinople? Bam, there’s a song for that too:

And for the chemists, Tom Lehrer has a song of the elements (that existed at the time):

Go forth and learn while singing, my friends.

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