Prepare to Be Amazed: Is That a Rubik’s Cube or a Drawing?

From the correct angle, you’d swear that these are three-dimensional objects

Image: Brussup

First, watch this video:

What Brusspup has done here is draw some “anamorphic illusions.” They’re drawings that look three dimensional from the right angle. He writes, in the YouTube description:

These are so simple but always so amazing to see.

I did 3 anamorphic illusions. Rubiks cube, a roll of tape and a shoe. Which one is your favorite? I like the shoe the best.

Oh and lets not for the kitty cat. Hyder thought she was anamorphic for a bit there.

Here are the images for each one, so you can print them and play with them yourself:

Rubiks –

Tape –

Shoe –

Anamorphic illustration can also be used in architecture, to create an image down a hallway, that then bends and warps from other angles. Other artists use the anamorphic propreties to have images emerge on objects, like this illusion:

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