People are Leaving Secret Letters to Fellow Fans in Harry Potter Books

#PotterItForward was designd to warm the hearts of future readers

Book Heart
Sandra Roesch/Westend61/Corbis

There’s no denying that books can change lives — but not every reader decides to share the impacts individual books have had on them. For a group of devoted Harry Potter fans, that’s changing. As Samuel Osborne reports for The Independent, fans of the series have begun sneaking secret notes about the book’s impact into donated and library books.

It’s all part of a campaign called #PotterItForward, writes Osborne. The idea was coined by Mugglenet, an online hub for all things Potter, in an attempt to leave “magical notes” that describe the books’ impacts in library and bookstore copies of the series.

What seems to have begun as a cute idea has now mushroomed into a bona fide movement on social media. Twitter and Instagram searches for the hashtag reveal notes that show the lessons people have gleaned from the series, encouragement for a generation of future readers and poignant tales of how the books helped readers through hard times. Here’s a selection of notes sweet enough to melt an inner Voldemort’s heart:

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