Fujitsu is Growing the Most Technologically Advanced Lettuce Ever

This gives a whole new meaning to factory farm

Lew Robertson/Corbis

The Japanese company Fujitsu is more known for IT ventures than agriculture. But now, this tech company has expanded into growing lettuce, in clean rooms originally intended to produce high-tech equipment.

Every aspect of their environment can be controlled. They are free of dust and pests. So, when lettuce is grown inside, the company can carefully control the plants’ nutrient content, without any need for pesticides. The company's betting there's a market for specialty lettuce. 

Fujitsu’s initial focus is on creating low-potassium lettuce for people suffering from dialysis.  People with kidney disease often have to limit their intake of potassium because large quantities of the mineral can adversely affect the heart

Fujitsu began selling the specialty lettuce last week, as the Japan Times reported. Two bunches of lettuce retail for approximately $4.90.

Growing vegetables in technology factories is becoming something of a trend in Japan and elsewhere. Several technology companies are converting factories to take advantage of the growing vegetable market. Just today, Toshiba announced that it would also be converting clean rooms into a kind of factory farm, hoping to grow leafy greens and other vegetables there.    

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