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Moscow Will Give You a Free Subway Ticket If You Do 30 Squats

The Moscow subway system will now reward riders with a free trip in exchange for 30 squats

(Alexey Andreyev)

In the run up to the Olympics, Russia is going sports-crazy. This includes their subway system, which will now reward riders with a free trip in exchange for 30 squats. Russian News site Pravda reports:

A special machine was installed on Vystavochnaya subway station on Friday, at 16:00. The machine sells tickets for sit-up exercises. The sports novelty was presented by Olympic champion Alexei Nemov and Elena Zamolodchikova.

One subway ride will thus cost 30 sit-ups, rather than 30 rubles (90 cents). A special device will count the number of performed sit-ups.

Here you can see a video of the program in action (yes, the video is in Russian, and they are doing squats not, as Pravda says, sit-ups):

Perhaps Michelle Obama can incorporate something like this into her Let’s Move campaign—a gallon of gas for a few lunges?

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