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In Long History of Creepy Robot Babies, this One Takes the Cake

Humans love babies. Humans also love robots. Yet somehow, when you combine the two, it’s terrifying.

This is Affetto, the creepiest robot baby in the world. (projectaffetto)

Humans love robots. We can’t get enough of them. Except, maybe this robot. Introducing Affetto, the creepiest baby robot ever.

According to Life’s Little Mysteries:

Researchers at Osaka University in Japan have built a prototype of a robotic baby, named Affetto. The robot has a torso and head that can move realistically thanks to 22 pneumatic actuators in its body: three in the neck, seven in each arm, one in its chest and four in its waist. The researchers aim to learn more about higher cognitive functions in humans by studying people’s interactions with their infantile android.

Yeah, we’re creeped out too. But why? Here’s a quick explanation of the Uncanny Valley for you.

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