If You’re Trapped With Duct Tape Over Your Mouth, Here’s How to Get It Off

A YouTube video shows that actually you can totally get the tape off your mouth without using your hands


It’s a classic movie scene: the bad guy has kidnapped the hero (or the hero’s wife and kids) and has tied them up with their mouths taped shut. They’re trapped and can’t even scream for help. Well, not really.

Kevin Nugent tried this trick, and he showed that, actually, you can get the tape off your mouth without using your hands. Here’s how:

The duct tape lie!! Investigation reveals SHOCKING truth....

So all those mute, helpless victims should really just buck up and eat the tape. Of course, the point isn’t really if the scenes are super legit. One YouTube commenter points out:

There is also no such thing as a 1,200 round magazine for a gun but we still watch the movies don’t we? Also, I don’t think Predators are real.

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