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How to Make Awesome Frozen Soap Bubbles Without Having to Brave the Cold

Frozen soap bubbles are really cool looking. But going outside to make them means braving the cold. Here’s how to make them at home

Frozen bubbles (YouTube)

Frozen soap bubbles are really cool looking. Check out this video, for example, of bubbles made at 33 degrees below zero:

But going outside to make them means braving the cold. (And not everybody has access to an outside that's cold enough for bubble freezing). If you'd rather stay in, here's a way to make frozen bubbles without braving the elements.

Basically all you have to do it get a plate, and coat it with bubble solution. Then, blow a bubble—gently!—over the plate, keeping the bubble connected to your straw. Place the bubble down onto your plate, and when it settles down, slowly remove the straw. Voilà, you've got a plate with a bubble on it. Now you just have to—again, very, very gently!—transfer it to the freezer. Check on it thirty minutes later, and you'll have a delicate little frozen bubble.

These ephemeral little gems will only last about 10 minutes. Or you could go outside and try to make some in the cold outdoors yourself.

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