Here’s How to Make a Record Out of a Tortilla

Yes, it’s edible

An Actual Playable Tortilla Record Etched with a Laser Cutter

Vinyl continues to be a hot commodity in a country that can’t get enough records. But could the days of lacquers and record presses be coming to and end? Maybe, writes Rebecca O'Connell for Mental Floss — tortillas are the newest record medium in town.

O'Connell reports that a company called Rapture Records has figured out a way to make a playable record out of a food item more revered for its burrito-wrapping properties than its ability to blast rap music.

The company was inspired by a parody video that showed a tortilla on a turntable, but what they made was way better: a playable record using uncooked tortillas and a laser cutter.

Sure, the sound isn’t all one could wish for (the instructions call for songs that have “strong rhythm, modulated voice, and words spoken distinctly”), but does it really matter? After all, once you’ve made a tortilla record of your own, you’ll likely be the only person in your social circle who can serve up some tunes and some food with the same object.

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