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Every Place in North Dakota Captured in 9,308 Photographs

In a series of 9,308 photographs Andrew Filer documented every place in North Dakota. Literally

(Andrew Filer)

How many dots are there on a map of your state? Well, in North Dakota there are about 850. Andrew Filer knows, because he went to all of them. In a series of 9,308 photographs Filer documented every place in North Dakota. Literally.

(Andrew Filer)

You can see every single one of these images on Flickr. Or you can read more about the project and see photographs by place, on Metafilter. There, Filer explains:

I worked on and off over the past decade or so on this, but I would say that about 50% of the photography was done in 4 multi-week-long trips in 2008 and 2009. I was at the mercy of the weather, so I’d photograph for as long as it stayed sunny.

What’s next? Filer started a Kickstarter to fund his photography of small places around the country. On his project site, he writes:

I love small places, out-of-the-way places, desolate places, middles of nowheres, ghost towns, and other places that have a name but not much else. I’ve photographed every dot on the North Dakota map, and now I’m planning a new trip through the western US (and possibly Canada) photographing the tiniest places I can find.

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