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Celebrating Carl Sagan’s Birthday With the Best Tributes Around


Seventy-eight years ago today the world was graced with the first breaths of Carl Sagan—researcher, communicator, scientist extraordinaire. Throughout his years as both a scientist and a science communicator, Sagan brought the Cosmos to the people in his characteristic, quirky style. His charisma has created tons of spinoffs and inspired artists and musicians all over the world. Here are some of our favorite tributes.

Here’s how Sagan would make an apple pie:


And here’s how he would make it if he were a techno musician:

Here’s what he would be like if he were a super hero, via XKCD.


Here’s Sagan’s portrait based on his pale blue dot series:


Sagan’s science set to music and epic space photographs is pretty inspiring:

Less inspiring, but equally creative, is this segment with Sagan as a puppet.

And if you want to see Sagan in action, watch the whole Cosmos series, check out the Carl Sagan Channel on YouTube.

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