October 2022

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Portrait of Samuel Adams

Founding Force

How America’s “first politician” galvanized a colony—and helped set a revolution in motion

Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon Reveals Its Secrets

Water woes threaten America’s second largest reservoir—but leave new vistas in their wake

The Radcliffe Camera

Tolkien's World

Haunted by the approach of another world war, the beloved fantasy author created a new story of Middle-earth that few people even knew about—until now

Reef Manta

Ray of Hope

The giant fish faces threats from poachers, boat strikes and climate change

Opener - sculpture and vials

Scents and Sensibility

From the lab to the art gallery, the latest efforts to understand the fragrant, musky, stinky and utterly baffling world of your nose


Flying High

The Smithsonian museum reopens to the public, transforming the way we tell the story of aviation

All That Jazz

The plucky institution staged a brassy comeback for America’s signature music

Plugged In

In bold, symbolic canvasses, the painter was inspired by a broken iPhone

The Drive for Equality

In the 1930s, Florence St. John and her co-workers at an automotive plant won a hard-fought victory for fairness

Paper Trail

An 1836 blaze destroyed thousands of records that catalogued the young nation's ingenuity, but recent discoveries indicate that originals may still exist

Breaking the Barrier

The speeding-bullet design propelled Chuck Yeager into history

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