October 2020

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Bust of Nero social

You Don't Know Nero

Reassessing history’s most maligned ruler, notorious for fiddling while Rome burned

spotted lanternfly on a stick

It Is Here. And It is Hungry

A voracious, shape-shifting insect native to Asia is attacking crops, vineyards and trees. Can scientists stop the swarm?

Marble Canyon, Grand  Canyon, Arizona, U.S.

The Last Quiet Places

To the ends of the Earth in search of the healing power of silence

SOCIAL-The towers of the Stadtkirsche

Hatred in Plain Sight

In the German parish where Martin Luther revolutionized Christianity, a vile, 700-year-old sculpture openly denigrates Jewish people. Why is it still there? A special report


Things That Matter

Finding the next awe-inspiring artifact requires flexibility, help from the community—and a healthy dose of good luck


A Brief History of the United States Postal Service

To forge a nation, the founders needed an efficient communications network


Marketing the Moon

When it came to exploring outer space, Americans had to see it to believe in it


The Cowboy Poet

Ballad of the forgotten life and indelible verse of a man known to many as “Anonymous”


Long in the Tooth

An incisive history of a Halloween snarl


The Zen Machine

Robert Pirsig’s motorcycle took millions of Americans on a new spiritual journey

Don't Be Puzzled

You can find seven clues in these pages

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