October 2019

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The Trigger

A just-discovered eyewitness account provides startling new evidence about who fired the shot that sparked the French and Indian War

illustration of women in STEM


The historian has devoted her career to bringing to light the ingenious accomplishments of those who have been forgotten

Seminole County landscape

Rebellion in Seminole County

Inside the little-known story of the Green Corn Rebellion, which blazed through the Sooner State a century ago


The Suspect in City Hall

William O'Dwyer was beloved by New York City. So why did he abruptly leave office and head to Mexico?


October Discussion

Your feedback on our coverage of Pompeii, John Steinbeck and Saturn's rings


Rise of the Zombie Mall

Hundreds of big retail centers have gone under, but the shop-til-you drop lifestyle isn't dead yet


Bebop and the Buddha

A new exhibit explores bebop and the Buddha


Hymn to a Gothic Beauty

In which the renowned author of thrillers and mysteries praises the Gothic beauty, damaged by fire but destined to inspire again


Cherokee Harvest

For the first time, the indigenous community is allowed to gather the cherished plant on protected land


Making Purple Rain

The artist gave the "cloud" guitar to the Smithsonian in 1993, but only now do we know it's the same instrument used in the iconic movie


Now It's Your Turn

Forty years ago, a beloved paperback series set the stage for today's obsession with interactive entertainment

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