October 2017

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The Salvation of Mosul

Calder, c. 1931

Calder’s Magic Year

In an exclusive excerpt from his new book, Calder: The Conquest of Time, Jed Perl reveals a hidden side of the artist

A 35-foot-tall statue of Lenin

What Ever Happened to the Russian Revolution?

We journey through Vladimir Putin’s Russia to measure the aftershocks of the political explosion that rocked the world a century ago



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In Gourd We Trust

Our most symbolic squash is now taking over the world

Mississippi Martyr

Looking back at a lynching that shocked America and galvanized the civil rights movement

The Illusion of Reality

The shocking power of immersing oneself in another world was all the buzz once before—about 150 years ago

Fasten Your Headsets

Fasten your headsets. VR technology is coming at us from all directions

Game Changers

The spectacular play you see today owes a mighty debt to the revolutionary, slam-dunking basketball league

What Do Animals Think of the Greek Financial Crisis?

The author discusses a return to art and his forthcoming book Ungrateful Mammals

Ask Smithsonian

You asked, we answered