October 2011

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Female jaguar walking

The Jaguar Freeway

A bold plan for wildlife corridors that connect populations from Mexico to Argentina could mean the big cat's salvation

Taino leader Francisco Ramirez Rojas

What Became of the Taíno?

The Indians who greeted Columbus were long believed to have died out. But a journalist's search for their descendants turned up surprising results

Willem de Kooning

Change Agent

A new major retrospective recounts the artist's seven-decade career and never-ending experimentation

Madame Curie in Paris

The Passion of Madame Curie

The physicist's dedication to science made it difficult for outsiders to understand her, but a century after her second Nobel prize, she gets a second look

Restaurant in Nuuk

Cocktails in Greenland

With 80 percent of the ice that covers the island melting, Greenland has become a hot travel destination

Giant pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin

Competitive vegetable growers are closing in on an elusive goal—the one ton squash


From the Editor

Great Cats

And things of beauty



Indelible Images

Innocence Abroad

Neither photographer Ruth Orkin nor her subject Jinx Allen realized the stir the collaboration would make

This Month in History

October Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable


Lucky Bird

High in the Himalayas, the Tibetan bunting is getting help from a very special friend

The Civil War

Scattered Actions: October 1861

While the generals on both sides deliberated, troops in blue and gray fidgeted

Around the Mall

Moving Images

"Whether it was TV or magazines, the world got changed one image at a time," says Maurice Berger, curator of a new exhibit at American History

The Object at Hand

Ready for Her Close-Up

The early 20th-century photograph of Empress Dowager Cixi captures political spin, Qing dynasty-style


Q&A: Al Worden

What's Up

What's Up

Presence of Mind

Crossing the Color Line

John Howard Griffin gave readers an unflinching view of the Jim Crow South. How has his book held up?

The Last Page

Identity Crisis

Threats of identity theft prompt personal questions that can stymie the best of us