November 2021

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The Dive to 1495

In the frigid Baltic Sea, archaeologists probing the surprisingly well-preserved remains of a revolutionary warship are seeing the era in a new way

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New Chapter

You can play the ukulele, learn photography or record a song in a top-flight studio. You can also check out a book

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Welcome to Mars

A hostile landscape. Cramped quarters. Dehydrated food. A photographer takes part in an attempt to live on another planet

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The Righteous Defiance of Aristides de Sousa Mendes

As the German army marched across France, Aristides de Sousa Mendes faced a choice: obey his government or follow his conscience—and risk everything


A Sustainable Planet

As a hub for research and education, the Institution is poised to help the world find solutions to the global challenge


High and Dry

The beloved desert denizen is feeling the heat


Creation Stories

Stranded by the pandemic, Yannis Davy Guibinga made a connection with home through his art


The Sauce Detectives

From Pompeii to modern laboratories, scholars are working to recreate garum, a sauce made from decaying fish that delighted ancient Rome


In Defense of King George

The author of a new biography shines a humane light on the monarch despised by the colonists


Slam-Dunk Design

The world is bonkers for sneakers. This pivotal 1996 concept for basketball superstar Michael Jordan is a big reason why

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