March 2020

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Left, British Army camped at Balaklava in Crimea. Right, an angelic Nightingale animates a stained glass window crafted around 1930. opener-social media

Thou Shalt Not Underestimate Florence Nightingale

Scholars are finding there’s much more to the “lady with the lamp” than her famous exploits as a nurse in the Crimean War

Submarine HL Hunley destroying the USS Housatonic - opener social media


A blast-injury expert takes aim at the mystery of what sank the most famous—and lethal—submarine of the Civil War

Female wolverine on Arctic tundra on Alaska's North Slope - social media opener

Beasts of the Northern Wild

Scientists brave the deep snows and frigid cold of Arctic Alaska to study one of its most furtive and ferocious denizens

social media - portrait of Gene Stratton-Porter on backdrop of butterfly and moth wings

The Legend of Limberlost

Despite her fame, you wouldn't know about this beloved writer unless you visit the vanishing Midwestern landscape she helped save



Your feedback on our coverage of the destruction of the Amazon, the first Americans and Maya Angelou


Show of Patriotism

In 1950, an exhibition of the famed artist's paintings toured Europe in a promotional campaign of American culture


Better Late

The Cuban American artist has long been a creative force. Now she’s having her big moment—in her tenth decade


Beauty and the Brand

A century before today’s celebrity health gurus, an American businesswoman was a beauty with a brand


Growth Industry

A turn-of-the-century hair-care magnate who shared her wealth gets the spotlight


Jetting Into the Future

The unique design of the flyer, held in the collections of the Smithsonian, has infatuated aviation enthusiasts for decades

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