June 2021

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SOCIAL - Pourang Mokhtari

Passage Through the Zagros

True to an ancient way of life, a family in Iran makes a treacherous seasonal migration across the mountains

Social - freshly gathered truffles

Earthly Delights

These delicacies, harvested in an experiment in North Carolina, have food-lovers and farmers ravenous for more

LUMA Arles

Light Show

The city best known for its association with Vincent van Gogh now has a new, controversial art center

SOCIAL - Columba and a monk

A Mission for Father Stewart

Father Columba Stewart has visited sites from Kathmandu to Timbuktu in his mission to safeguard precious manuscripts that tell humanity's story

SM_large shadow

Rising Again

A colossus of the sky, the bird of prey was nearly gone when biologists rescued it from extinction. Then came a terrible new challenge



Your feedback on James Turrell's artwork, motherhood science, the Associated Press turning 150 and more

Beyond Our Borders

Expanding the Institution's reach and relevance requires collaborating with museums and researchers around the world


Personal Best

For generations, Bachrach Photographers made everyone, from JFK to Duke Ellington to everyday people, look great



Putting a new spin on traditional themes, an artist revitalizes a once-popular form of painting


The Sacred Runner

Tsökahovi Tewanima held an American record in running for decades, but his training at the infamous Carlisle school kept him from his ancestral Hopi lands


The White Stuff

The centuries-old history of titanium white


Not a Huge Advantage

On view at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum, this specimen of the extinct species unlocks an evolutionary mystery

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