June 2020

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SOCIALMEDIAOPENER-Photo illustration of Philip II of Macedon, left, and his son Alexander the Great. Sculptures are first-century Roman copies of Greek originals.

The King and the Conqueror

Archaeologists in Greece are showing how the murdered king paved the way for his scion to become a legend

SOCIALMEDIAOPENER-Papazian drinking beer

Home Brew Hero

Here's a toast to Charlie Papazian, the beer pioneer who blazed the way for thousands of brewers today

SOCIALMEDIA-A young koala recovers at the wildlife park hospital.

The Search for Life on Kangaroo Island

Raging bushfires. Devastated wildlife. And the compassionate souls who went to the rescue

SOCIALMEDIA-Moshe Nahon Synagogue in Tangier, Morocco. This is a flattened view of a 360-degree photograph from Diarna’s archives.

Return to the Sacred

The digital venture, called Diarna, takes you back to painstakingly revived synagogues and destinations once lost to history


June Discussion

Your feedback on our coverage of George Harrison, racehorses and the Hawaiian shirt


Hallowed Ground

The haunting beauty of an ancient desertscape


Updating America

For the first time in decades, view a major reimagining of the battles that made the nation


Defying the Nazis

For years, Paul Rivet opposed the ideology fueling Hitler's rise. Then he helped French fighters take the battle underground


Buzz Kill

The thundering mission that stifled the Germans during World War II


Predicting the Pandemic

The story of the medical researcher whose quick action protected millions of Americans from a new contagion


Birdman's Latest Trick

The legend has done the impossible again by bringing skateboarding into the mainstream

Crossword: Graphic Novel

Solve the clues based on articles from this month's print edition

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