July/August 2021

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Saqqara megatombs

Inside the Tombs of Saqqara

Dramatic new discoveries in the ancient Egytptian burial ground. A special report produced with Smithsonian Channel

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On the Edge of the Everglades

Chronicling the historic struggles of the Florida farming community known as Belle Glade

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The Spy in the Forest

A decade before Lewis and Clark, André Michaux wanted to explore the American continent. Spying for France gave him that chance

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Bout Time

With the games set for Japan, the martial art will at last debut at next month's competition

social image of New Orleans in 1980s

Crescent City Memories

Making art out of disaster, two photographers reexamine these affectionate portraits of life in the Crescent City


Don't Call It Doo-Wop!

A lovable grouch, obsessed with the magic of American sidewalk harmony, runs the Philadelphia shop

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True Grit

A photographic tour of those who eke out a life on the sunblasted island transformed by a volcano



Your feedback on our coverage of truffle hunters, an Olympic hero and more

Precedent and Promise

The Institution's leader looks back on a vibrant history—and ahead to the next two museums


Innovation Nation

It was once the Institution's most forward-looking museum. Soon it will be again


Whistle Down the Line

The golden spike made the newspapers. But another railroad made an even bigger difference to the nation


Listening to Stonehenge

Researchers have developed a new understanding of what it meant to be a member of the inner circle


Collect, Wait, Study

The specimens gathered during an illustrious expedition by naturalist John Kirk Townsend continue to provide value to researchers


Riis to the Rescue

The role of famed social reformer Jacob Riis in overturning the verdict prefigured today's calls for restorative justice

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