January/February 2021

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The Lost History of Yellowstone

Debunking the myth that the great national park was a wilderness untouched by humans

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First in the House

Born enslaved, he was elected to Congress in the wake of the Civil War. But the impact of this momentous step in U.S. race relationships did not last long

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Making the Nation

Today’s craft renaissance is more than just an antidote to our over-automated world. It renews a way of life that made us who we are

Nathan Jackson at Totem Heritage Center

Inspiring Awe in Alaska

In Indigenous communities along the coast, a lively artistic movement plays with tradition

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On the Origin of Culture

Scientists have been studying the primates at some of the nation's hot springs, and what they have learned about evolution is astonishing



Your feedback on our coverage of dog cognition, Hawaiian language and more

In Museums, We Trust

After a year fraught with challenges, we must build on our strengths for a common purpose


Going Nuts

The bizarre sanitarium staple that became a spreadable obsession


Master Pieces

Spirituality, culture and memory come together in collages created by the esteemed curator


Coda for the Kid

The childhood home of the musician who put New Orleans jazz on the map will soon open to the public


Inventing the Alphabet

New scholarship points to a paradox of historic scope: Our writing system was devised by people who couldn’t read


This Ohio Golf Course, Built Atop a Hopewell Earthwork, Is Now the Subject of a Lawsuit

A legal battle brews over access to some of the world's largest human-made structures of their kind


Hail the King of Wakanda

The Marvel superhero pounced on the scene in the '60s and never looked back

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