January 2011

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Roman Colosseum Hypogeum

Unearthing the Colosseum's Secrets

A German archaeologist has finally deciphered the Roman amphitheater's amazing underground labyrinth

John F Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy

Power and the Presidency

For the past 50 years, the commander in chief has steadily expanded presidential power, particularly in foreign policy

Arcimboldo Vertumnus

Feast for the Eyes

Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted witty, even surreal portraits composed of fruits, vegetables, fish and trees

Wild hogs running

A Plague of Pigs

Now numbering in the millions, these shockingly destructive and invasive wild hogs wreak havoc across the southern United States

Norries rickety platform

Catching the Bamboo Train

Rural Cambodians cobbled old tank parts and scrap lumber into an ingenious way to get around

Louisiana power plant

Devastating Beauty

J. Henry Fair's aerial photographs of industrial sites provoke a strange mix of admiration and concern

Paul Theroux at his home in Hawaii

The Trouble with Autobiography

Novelist and travel writer Paul Theroux examines other authors' autobiographies to prove why this piece will suffice for his


From the Editor

Powers That Be

And when to curtail them



Readers Respond to the November Issue

Indelible Images

Cutthroat Capitalist

In 1903, photographer Edward Steichen portrayed the American tycoon in an especially ruthless light

This Month in History

This Month in History

Momentous or Merely Memorable

My Kind of Town

Hallowed Ground

The town's Civil War cemeteries deepened Ernest Furguson's view of history as a young boy

From the Castle

Art Work

Around the Mall

At a Crossroads

Cyprus commemorates 50 years of nationhood and 11,000 years of civilization with an exhibition of more than 200 artifacts

The Object at Hand

Ready to Wear

In 1933, Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh prepared for the worst by packing winter gear before flying over the Arctic


Q & A: James Luna

The Native American artist talks about his "Take a Picture With a Real Indian" performance

What's Up

What's Up

The Last Page

There Was an App for That

Software applications changed the course of history