December 2021

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Jeffrey Peter cleaning caribou hide

Keeping Faith in Caribou Country

To most Americans, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the subject of an intense policy controversy. To the Gwich’in people, it’s home

OPENER - mining shafts

Quest for Copper

Beneath a desert in Israel, archaeologists are unearthing astonishing new evidence of an advanced society in the time of the biblical Solomon

OPENER - Alan Case on salt flat

The Long Mile

In dogged pursuit of an exotic world record, an engineer heads to the desert to shoot an arrow farther than anyone ever

A cave in southern France.

Reign of Terroir

Rich, powerful and eccentric, Roquefort is still the king of cheeses. But for how much longer?


From the Castle

A House Full of Ideas

One of Smithsonian’s most storied buildings is reopening with an eye toward humanity’s many potential futures


Your feedback on Memphis libraries, traveling to Mars, King George III and more


The Caregiver

Two hundred years after her birth, the famously intrepid Clara Barton’s pioneering commitment to public health has only become more crucial


Beyond Realism

Raw and affecting portraits of rural life in the early 20th century were strikingly modern


Pictures That Deceive

Today’s video hoaxes can be downright ugly. But image-makers have been fooling viewers from the beginning


Satchmo and Santa

A jazz legend’s final recording


Faster Than Sound

When the spirited Jackie Cochran piloted this jet, she broke all kinds of barriers

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