August 2006

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Lost Over Laos

Scientists and soldiers combine forensics and archaeology to search for pilot Bat Masterson, one of 88,000 Americans missing in action from recent wars

Snap Judgments

The winners (and some runners-up) of SMITHSONIAN's annual photo contest take a bow


Saving New Orleans

In a new book, the author of "Forrest Gump" paints an uncommonly vivid picture of an overlooked chapter in American history and its unlikely hero

Hurricane Katrina

Crescent City Twilight

A photographer takes a pinhole view of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, which struck a year ago this month

David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

David Hockney and Friends

Though the artist doesn't think of himself as a painter of portraits, a new exhibition makes the case that they are key to his work


Uphill Battle

As the climate warms in the cloud forests of the Andes, plants and animals must climb to higher, cooler elevations or die

corn fields

Corn Plastic to the Rescue

Wal-Mart and others are going green with "biodegradable" packaging made from corn. But is this really the answer to America's throwaway culture?

William Wegman photographed by Roy Adkins

Artist William Wegman

Wegman speaks about photographing his Weimaraners, including Man Ray and Fay Ray

St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park

Cowboys and Realtors

The mythical West lives on - even as the wealthy, the leisured and the retired buy into Big Sky Country. An essay


Indelible Images

Morning In America

Space shuttle-watchers took their place in the sun, not yet awakened to the true risks of exploring the heavens.

Presence of Mind

Trial by Fire

Vital records were missing—and would have stayed missing were it not for a dead lawyer's vanity.

From the Editor

Heck of a Story

A poignant homecoming launches a harrowing quest

Wild Things

Wild Things: Life As We Know It

Figs, canary songs, whales with legs, ancient flowering shrubs and beaver dams

From the Secretary

Banner Renovation

The National Museum of American History will undergo a dramatic makeover

The Object at Hand

Airmail Letter

Stale Mail: The nation's first hot-air balloon postal deliveries barely got off the ground

What's Up

What's Up

American Art, African Culture and Mardi Gras

The Last Page

Last Page: Weight of the World

The battle of the bulge goes global