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American Art, African Culture and Mardi Gras

Once Upon A Time

The good old days? Photos, paintings and more, at the America.

Thanks, Mickey

Of the 525 items from 75 African cultures that the Walt Disney World Co. donated to the African Art Museum, 23 are on view through December 3.

Between The Lines

Chinese paintings are often layered with symbolism and wordplay. "Beyond Brushwork," at the Freer until November 26, tackles these visual puzzles.

Before Country Was Cool

From 1972 to 1981, Henry Horenstein photographed country music pioneers in bars, at the Grand Old Opry and even in parking lots. At the American History Museum until September 4.

On Parade

A group called the Black Mardi Gras Indians has enlivened New Orleans for a century. J. Nash Porter's photos, at the Anacostia Museum, vividly show how.

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