April 2010

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South Pole Telescope

Probing the Biggest Mystery in the Universe

At the South Pole, astronomers try to unravel a force greater than gravity that will determine the fate of the cosmos


All-American Monsters

A mammoth discovery in 1705 sparked a fossil craze and gave the young United States a symbol of national might

Indonesia Jakarta shopping mall

Return to Indonesia

A reporter chronicles the revival of the world's most populous Muslim nation a decade after its disintegration

Lemur Silky Sifaka grooming

Saving the Silkies

In Madagascar, an American researcher races to protect one of the world's rarest mammals, a white lemur known as the silky sifaka

Goddess Tara

Glimpses of the Lost World

Threatened Buddhist art at a 900-year-old monastery high in the Indian Himalayas sheds light on a fabled civilization

Brown Ranch

The Best Bull Ever?

A Texas cattleman used genetic science to breed his masterpiece – a near-perfect Red Angus bull. Then nature took its course


From the Editor


Cowboy Culture and the Universe



Readers Respond to the February Issue

Indelible Images

On the Waterfront

Baltimore's A. Aubrey Bodine cast a romantic light on the city's dockworkers in painterly photographs


Ireland's Forgotten Sons

In Pennsylvania, amateur archaeologists unearth a mass grave of immigrant railroad workers who disappeared in 1832

From the Castle


In 2010, the Institution celebrates two seminal events – the founding of its Natural History Museum and the inauguration of its research in Panama

Around the Mall

Hue and Cries

In 1851, Levi Hill claimed he invented color photography. Was he a genius or a fraud?

The Object at Hand

Dressed for Success

NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz famously wore a homemade white vest as he averted tragedy during the Apollo 13 mission

What's Up

What's Up

This Month in History

April Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

Presence of Mind

Unusual Suspect

Why has popular opinion of the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland undergone such a dramatic reversal?

The Last Page

Like a Dog in a Canoe

If you think learning foreign idioms is easy, just try combing the giraffe