September 2016

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Royal New Zealand Air Force

What Went Wrong on Flight MH370?

Two years later, its disappearance is still unsolved. A new book reconstructs the last minutes in the cockpit.


Little Gems of Aviation History

A collector finds a company’s identity in its service pins.

collision avoidance systems

Drones in a Busy Sky

Can technology protect airplanes from the new threat?


Starship Enterprise: The Extended Mission

A half-century after its television debut, notable space and entertainment figures explore the impact of Star Trek.

ST2_Kirstie Alley and Leonard Nimoy.jpg

Say What? The Linguist Elaborates

Linguist Marc Okrand had to invent whole new languages for Star Trek’s non-Earthlings.

Lockheed’s L-1649 Starliners

Splendor in the Sky

The Starliner was stylish, but became obsolete in the jet age. Now it’s being restored.

newly built academy

Class Act

No buildings, no flight lessons, no problem. Some 60 years later, the first Air Force Academy cadets look back.


Above & Beyond

Aliens on Line 1

Oldies and Oddities

This Marvelous Marin Man

In the Museum

Conserving the Bat Wing Ship

A team of conservators works to preserve the innovative Horten Ho 229 V3.


Shot Down in Vietnam

A former U.S. Army pilot’s memoir of combat and captivity.