Oct/Nov 2017

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Buzz Buggy

Once More, Over the Hump

The last Douglas C-47 to fly “the Hump” is enshrined in a Chinese city park.

Saturn V lifts off

We Built the Saturn V

Memories of a giant-in-progress.


The 30,000-Foot Glass Ceiling

Gender equality has a tough climb in India, but climbing is what airline pilots do.

Greenland’s glaciers

As the Earth Melts

Scientists try to fathom what remains beneath the tip of the iceberg.

Lockheed tested the first A-12

Vietnam, the CIA, and the World’s Fastest Aircraft

As the SR-71 went public, these pilots flew its lookalike in secret.

Cessna parked

Neither Tight Canyons, nor Wildlife on Runways…

Neither tight canyons, nor wildlife on runways…The postman’s creed is slightly different for pilots delivering mail in the mountains.



A Swimming Pool For Spacefarers


“Go” for Restoration

Apollo’s mission control is getting revived.

Oldies and Oddities

The First Drone Strike

In the Museum

Birth of the Bizjet


Israel’s First Air Force

A new book documents the rise of a formidable fighting force.