November 2010

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wing suit

Jump. Fly. Land.

The postwar 11AC Chief (with a side of cheesecake) had 75 percent of parts in common with the Champion.
On July 14, 1938, thousands gathered for the return of Howard Hughes, who in four days had flown a Lockheed Super Electra around the world.

Brooklyn’s Jewel

Space shuttle Atlantis was poised for its final mission in May as photographers jostled for position.

Throttle Down

Bundled against temperatures as low as –60° F, aerial gunners struggled to protect their B-17s from German fighters.

Just Shoot Me

During Desert Storm, most fighters packed Sidewinders: F-16s armed with the missiles await the next mission.


Most pictures of the Venus surface are synthetic, like this view of a volcanic region called Eistla, created from Magellan orbital radar data. The SAGE lander would take actual photos from ground level.

Forbidden Planet

Over 15 episodes, Captain Midnight survived bombs, fire, near drowning, and more, before delivering criminal mastermind Ivan Shark to the police — a departure from the comic strip, in which Shark was devoured by a polar bear.



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