July 2011

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Jamie Stowell the sole female cadet enjoyed her turn at a 50 caliber machine gun Im not a gun nut she says But oh my God Its just astonishing power

Circling the Moon

Northrop Grummans portrait of the future for naval aviation the X47B on the runway in Palmdale California
Ryan employees send the Spirit off to St Louis Lindbergh in jodhpurs is third from right Donald Hall second
Two things you will find every July in Oshkosh Wisconsin The DC 3 Duggy and planeloads of international tourists
Vesta looms in this artists view. Dawns ion drive is weak but chemical engines arent efficient enough to reach two asteroids
The World War II transports were considered stealthy — in audio signature only.

That Old Crate

The Science of Lightning In a process not fully understood
Bombing of Waziristan opener.jpg

The Bombing of Waziristan


Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond: Warner and the Whale

Oldies and Oddities

Oldies and Oddities: When Civvies Scrambled Fighters

Moments and Milestones

From Zero to 250