July 2010

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Titan Air
The 609th Air Commando Squadron flew out of Nakhon Phanom airfield in eastern Thailand.

Truck Killer

Dale Snodgrass is known as a virtuoso of the F-14 (left, with squadron ops officer Dirk Hebert at right, in 1990).
Although an F-107A pilot would have had difficulty checking his six, he probably could have outrun his adversary. In 1956 tests, the aircraft reached Mach 2.

Century Series Wannabe

Over its 35-year career, the F-15C (here on a training mission over the Pacific Ocean) remains the air combat champ, with 104 victories and no losses.
One of his early photos is of the 1937 M-156 flying boat, which Glenn Martin offered to Pan American World Airways. Instead, Aeroflot took one — the only one.
A crew member filmed cloud behavior.

Climate Control

The shuttle main engine is the most tested large rocket engine in the world. In 1996, a turbine component (displayed here by a NASA scientist) underwent airflow tests to help engineers create more eff
For the wounded on Luzon in 1945, the Sikorsky R-6A transport doubled as an ambulance.


Oldies and Oddities

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Then & Now

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Moments and Milestones

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