January 2015

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How to Survive A Helicopter Crash

Specialized—and terrifying—training helps passengers prepare for the worst.

Lafayette Escadrille group.jpg

For France and Civilization

Descendants of the volunteers who served in the famed Lafayette Escadrille shed light on why they chose to fight.


The Cub’s Badass Big Brother

The Piper PA-48 Enforcer may have been called the “Super Mustang,” but it never found its mission.

Blackbird opener.jpg

Blackbird Diaries

Stories from the fastest jet ever flown.


Dark and Deep

The hunt for the most elusive particles in the universe is half a mile underground.


The Missile Men of North Vietnam

A look at the air war waged from the ground.


The Inspector's Gadgets

If the space station gets smacked by a micrometeoroid, an array of devices can find—and fix—the damage.



The Royal Splatter

Technically Speaking

Vertical Visions

The idea of connecting city centers with vertical take-off airports never quite took off.

Above & Beyond

Eye to Eye with a Bear

In 1966, a Naval aviator got an unforgettable look at an icon of the Cold War: the Soviet Tupolev Tu-95 bomber.

Oldies and Oddities

Shine On, Harvest Moon

In 1964, midwestern farmers and school kids got a jump on the Apollo astronauts.

In the Museum

The Ultra Importance of Ultralights

Small-engine wonders in the Museum’s collection.