February/March 2021

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artist depiction of InSight

The Mole on Mars

Digging on another planet is harder than it looks.

artist's vision of mountainous lunar landscape

Destination Moon

Destination Moon will tell the story with a post-Apollo audience in mind.

astronaut shielding eyes

Fifth Man

Two trips, a decade apart, spanned the most exciting era in space history.

Surveyor 3

Destination Moon: The Real Pioneers

Then as now, machines preceded the humans.

Gripen E

Smart Fighter

In an era when software upgrades are critical, the Swedish jet leads the way.

connected blue dots outlining a plane

Will Your Airliner Get Hacked?

Meet the people who are making sure it won’t.

astronaut in space giving Vulcan salute

How Star Trek Helped NASA Dream Big

And how NASA helped Star Trek stick around.

airplane with mismatched wings with Japanese characters on the wing and Roman letters on the body


Some monster aircraft were not born. They were bolted together from whatever lay at hand.



Alan Shepard's Comeback

His Apollo mission 50 years ago was a vindication for the first American in space.

Up to Speed

A Prodigal Booster Returns

Found in a hunt for asteroids, an old pal checks in on its way around the sun.

Up to Speed

Hypersonic Preview

Stratolaunch previews the Talon-A research vehicle

Up to Speed

Orlando Takes the High Road

Orlando takes the high road.

Reviews & Previews

Mastering Mission Control

Sitting in the hot seat at NASA's Mission Control.

One More Thing

Bell UH-1H Iroquois

The Bell UH-1H Iroquois was a single-engine workhorse.