February/March 2018

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Members of Sich Battalion

The Fighting Drones of Ukraine

In garages and warehouses around Kiev, an army of gadgeteers takes on the Russian war machine.

Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero

Winged History

At the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, the thrill of standing face to face with the past.


Why Wars Happen

An interactive exhibit at Washington state’s Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum explores the tough question.

Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator

Astronauts' Little Helpers

The astronauts are about to get some mechanical assistance.

London Heathrow Airport

Cleared to Approach the Future

NextGen looks to overhaul navigation and communication in U.S. airspace.

Edward Mannock

The Dark Side of Glory

An early glimpse of PTSD in the letters of World War I aces.

After inflation

100 Days Over the South Pole

A science balloon floats closer to the stars.

James Banning and Thomas Allen

The First Black Airmen to Fly Across America

They took off with $25 and a dream.


Above & Beyond

Too Busy to Be Scared

Oldies and Oddities

To Venus, If You Can Find It


I Loved My Internship; Here’s How I Got It

A summer job at the Space Telescope Science Institute.


A Student-made Video Wins $350,000

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge to high school students: Explain a big scientific idea with a little film.


From a Galaxy Far Far Away

A peculiar, cigar-shaped asteroid turned out to be an interstellar visitor.


Best of the Best

A new book lists the best of the best.