Feb-March 2017

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Glenn preparing to board Discovery in 1998

The Voyages of John Glenn

Two trips to space, 36 years apart.

Pan Am Stratocruiser 944

True Crime: Pan Am Flight 7

Sabotage? Negligence? Fraud? New clues surface in a 60-year-old aviation mystery.

galactic center

The First Sighting of a Black Hole

We know one lurks at the center of the Milky Way, but to these astronomers, seeing will be believing.


Return of the Light Brigade

To meet the demands of 21st century warfare, militaries are reaching for a Vietnam-era weapon.

Alan Eustace

The Highest Jump

The computer scientist who pulled off a world-record skydive is still wondering: Could it be done from orbit?

Three Electra Juniors

We Fly the Last Electra Juniors

Seven remarkable Lockheed Model 12s showed up (late) for their diamond jubilee.

APRIL 4, 1918

Lost Photographs of the Great War

In a Moroccan flea market, a photojournalist happens on an inexplicable treasure.



Supersonic Spring

This Denver-based company wants to revive the supersonic airliner.


Colleen Barrett

Colleen Barrett is the only woman to serve as the head of a major U.S. airline.

Above & Beyond

Gutless and Pilotless

In 1954, a pilotless F7U-3 Cutlass nearly wiped out a crowd of beachgoers.

Oldies and Oddities

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

In the Museum

Buried Treasure

The Museum’s helicopter expert picks an undisplayed favorite from the collection.


A Hazardous Occupation

A new book looks at the rich history of British test pilots.