August/September 2021

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people in a blue aircraft

We All Fly

Our readers share their own adventures in the air.

Andrew King wearing a vintage helmet and goggles in red cockpit

The Barnstormer

It’s one of the oldest professions in aviation, and it requires more than flying skill.

museumgoers under a red Oracle aircraft

What is General Aviation?

A New Gallery Tells You All You Need to Know

passengers onboard a plane in the 1950s

How the Airline Industry Got Wise to Seat Belts

The complex history of a simple safety device.

nose gunner of an aircraft smokes

Light 'Em Up

During World War II, Marlboro Country reached all the way up to 40,000 feet.

Dyke Delta above the Florida Gulf Coast

All Wing and All Heart

Some homebuilts create a movement. This one created a family.

Eisenhower meeting troops

Ike Learns to Fly

How Dwight D. Eisenhower got his ticket punched.



Comfortable in the Air

From the Acting Director of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

I Was There

Flight for the Common Man

The human urge to defy gravity takes many forms.

I Was There

A Helicopter Hovers on Mars

Ingenuity’s operator describes the helicopter's historic first flight

I Was There

By Airship to America

“Europe to America in under 60 hours—incredible!”

I Was There

My Ride on the Concorde

Flying at Mach 2 was only part of the great airliner’s allure.

I Was There

The Boomer’s View

The best seat in the house for one of military aviation’s most critical maneuvers.

I Was There

Wingwalker to the Rescue

Air-to-air rapid repair.

I Was There

Australia to England, Alone

Maude “Lores” Bonney flew halfway around the world just a few years after Lindbergh’s celebrated solo flight.

I Was There

Searching for Amelia

10 days, 48 airplanes, 250,000 square miles of ocean.