These Teenagers Have Already Accomplished More Than You Ever Will

The winners of this year’s Intel Science Talent Search take on flu vaccines, stem cells and tools for diagnosing cancer

The Intel Science Talent Search honored the top winner and nine esteemed runners-up of its 2014 competition at a black-tie affair in Washington, D.C. (Society for Science & the Public)

2nd Place: Kevin Lee, 17, of Irvine, CA

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee's research is personal. During a Taekwondo class, the University High School student found out that he had an arryhthmia, or irregular heartbeat. It was this discovery that spurred him to create a realistic model of a heart. The budding bioengineer came up with a series of mathematical equations to capture the shape of a beating heart, employing the basics of fluid mechanics. "His research may provide insight into the mechanisms responsible for arrhythmia, which could lead, in turn, to more efficient treatments for the disease," according to a release by the competition. Lee was awarded $75,000.


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