Ten Summer Camps For Little Innovators

Forget swimming and archery. These camps will have your kids building robots, pitching business ideas, even fighting zombies!


Let's face it: for plenty of kids, the idea of riding horses and competing in color wars all summer is about as appealing as a root canal. And even kids who love traditional outdoorsy camp activities might enjoy something different. Luckily there are plenty of camps aimed at aspiring scientists, inventors, filmmakers, video game designers and rock stars. We've rounded up the ten best camps for young innovators. We're betting it'll make you jealous you're not 12 again - we are!

Business Camp for the Future Startup Founder

Is the lemonade stand too juvenile for your budding businessperson? Send them to Camp BizSmart. With locations in California, Tennessee and abroad, the two-week programs give your "kidpreneurs" the chance to learn business skills from startup founders, venture capitalists and product designers. Kids ages 11 to 19 work in teams to design products and business plans, and pitch their ideas to real-life investors. Expect them to come home spouting Silicon Valley lingo like "design thinking" and "global marketplace." 


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