A Label You Rub To See If Food Has Expired and Other Finalists for the Dyson Award

There’s also a pen that lets you know when you should reapply your sunscreen and a device called Luke Stairwalker

Rub the label to see if the food inside is still good to eat. (James Dyson Awards)


The team of Canadian students behind a product called Suncayr gets right to the point on its website: “Sunburns suck.” So they’ve come up with a a very simple, yet clever way to help anyone who’s going to be out in the sun avoid the painful consequences. Take a Suncayr marker and draw something on your skin or your kid’s skin. Then rub on some sunscreen.

The trick is that the ink in the pen is UV-sensitive, meaning that it reacts to the sun. So while it goes on green, it begins changing color as the sunscreen wears off and your skin becomes more exposed to UV rays. When your little drawing turns red, it’s time to pull out the sunscreen again. Apply a fresh coat and the color goes back to green.

The ink is water-resistant, and it doesn’t actually block the sun, so you don’t end up with some tan-line smiley face on your bicep. The Suncayr team thinks their invention could be a big winner with kids. A product that encourages them to draw on their skin seems a good bet.


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