10 Things Brewmaster Annie Johnson Can’t Live Without

From kettles to apps, flasks to forums, these resources help the Sacramento-based home chemist concoct her award-winning beers

(Annie Johnson and Flickr user QuinnDombrowski)

Hydroflask ($19.99 to $49.99)

Craft beer enthusiasts typically carry beer they buy from breweries home in a growler. The 64-ounce glass container preserves the drink’s carbonation, and thus helps recreate the flavor and foam that comes with on-tap beer in the comforts of home. But, for a few reasons, Johnson has recently replaced her growler with one of these stainless steel, wide-mouth containers from Hydroflask. For starters, the containers are shatter proof, a priceless feature for anyone who has accidentally dropped a glass growler or let it bounce around in the trunk on his or her ride home. It comes in several different sizes, so Johnson can safely transport some of her smaller batches to share with friends or fellow brewers. And, unlike some growlers, “it holds cold temps for hours, which in turn keeps the beer carbonated longer. It’s a must have,” she says.
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