What Are America’s Most Iconic Homes?

According to the National Building Museum, these houses, more than most, have impacted the way we live

(Model by Studios Eichbaum + Arnold, 2010. Photo by Museum staff.)


Vizcaya Miami
(Model by Studios Eichbaum + Arnold, 2010. Photo by Museum staff.)
When James Deering, a former vice president of agricultural equipment giant International Harvester, decided that he wanted a winter home in Miami, he toured Europe and its grand homes for inspiration. The 18th-century Villa Rezzonico, near Venice, Italy, became his muse.

Deering named his masterpiece, a 70-room mansion on Biscayne Bay, Vizcaya. Completed in 1916, the stucco residence is trimmed with Florida limestone and roofed with red tile. Inside, there is a central loggia, or roofed courtyard, a welcoming place for visitors arriving by boat.

Vizcaya has been a huge influence on architecture throughout Miami, where homes often incorporate stucco, tile roofs and courtyards. Today, the site is open to the public.

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