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Man Finds First-Edition Superman Comic Hidden in His Wall

A man finds a copy of "the most important comic book in the history of comic books" stuffed in the wall of his new fixer-upper

The first scanning tunneling microscope ever made.

Heinrich Rohrer, Father of Nanotechnology, Dies at 79

Heinrich Rohrer, winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics, passed away last week at the age of 79


How Pixar and Psychology Helped Facebook Design Its Emoticons

Facebook teamed up with a Pixar illustrator and a psychologist to make the most emotive emoticons it could muster

Female Representation in Film Is the Lowest It’s Been in Five Years

According to a recent study the representation of women is at its lowest in 5 years

How Often Does the Oldest Person in the World Die?

Every so often you hear about the oldest person in the world dying, but how often does this actually happen?


Feel What It’s Like to Live on an Antarctic Icebreaker for Two Months

Nearly 4,500 Kids Are Injured on Amusement Park Rides Each Year

Based on current trends in the amusement park market, these injury numbers probably won't go down any time soon

Facebook Likes Might Be Hurting How Much People Actually Give to Charity

"Slacktivism" - easy online activism - could actually decrease how much people donate to their pet causes

Celebrate the Kentucky Derby With Henry Clay’s Mint Julep Recipe

Sip one of Henry Clay's very own mint juleps or spoon down a bowl of burgoo, aka roadkill soup


Is It Ever OK To Euthanize a Baby?

In Holland, some doctors and parents say the answer is yes


Game Wardens Helped Poachers Kill the Last of Mozambique’s Rhinos

Mozambique's rhinos have been living on the edge of extinction for more than a century, but now they're finally gone for good

It Costs At Least $30,000 to Climb Mt. Everest

On top of dealing with the physical challenges, climbers have to be loaded.

Drawing of Purkinje cells and granule cells from pigeon cerebellum by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, 1899.

Happy Birthday to the Father of Modern Neuroscience, Who Wanted to Be an Artist

Ramón y Cajal may have changed neuroscience forever, but he always maintained his original childhood passion for art

This isn’t the ad in question, but it is kind of funny.

Can This Marketing Campaign Make Hipsters Turn to Jesus?

Marketers can convince us to do crazy things, like tattoo brand names on our foreheads or jump out of airplanes. But can they make hipsters turn to God?

Mary Thom, Feminist, Historian and Editor, Dies in Motorcycle Crash at 68

Mary Thom, feminist editor, writer and behind-the-scenes activist, died earlier this week in a motorcycle accident in Yonkers

In True Pirate Form, the Pirate Bay Can’t Find Anyone to Take It In

The Pirate Bay just relocated to Icleand, but they may have to be on the move again some time soon

How a Pizza Maker Revolutionized the Stunt-Kite-Flying World

First, let's establish the fact that there is something in the United States called the American Kitefliers Association

Fish Bladders Are Actually a Thing People Smuggle, And They’re Worth a Lot of Money

One bladder from the totoaba macdonaldi fish can garner $5,000 in the United States, and over $10,000 in Asia

How Do You Say ‘Star Wars’ In Navajo?

The Navajo Nation teamed up with Lucasfilm to translate the classic space opera

Animal Rights Activists Make Off With One Hundred Mutant Mice

Animal rights activists ruined years of important research on diseases such as autism and schizophrenia

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