Human Behavior


Log-o-phil-ia Is Addictive

WARNING: Words fill Anu Garg's dreams, and waking hours too. He shares his favorites on the Web with thousands


You Are What You Buy

According to advertising guru James Twitchell, every symbol, from Alka-Seltzer's Speedy to the Energizer Bunny, plants powerful notions of who we are


Shop for This Label: "No Assembly Required"

Bone Specialist On Call

A Smithsonian anthropologist applies his expertise to cases of missing children and disaster victims

Nicolaus Copernicus

Discovering the Odds

Over the centuries, visionary mathematicians laid the foundation for how we view life's gambles

Cliff Palace

A Social Divide Written in Stone

Archaeological research at Cliff Palace resumes after 80 years. Surprises are the order of the day

Charles Darwin

Expressions: The Visible Link

Darwin believed expressions of emotion reveal the unity of humans and their continuity with animals


The Quality of Mercy

At a small hospital in Vermont, nurses practice medicine as an art, marshaling compassion and skill in equal measure


Smithsonian Perspectives

In the ever-expanding field of anthropology, the Smithsonian still excels in research and exhibition


What's in a Name? Sometimes More Than Meets the Eye

Jokes, puns, even insults — when it comes to deciding what to call newly discovered species, scientists don't always go by the book


Let's Hear It for the Lowly Sound Bite!

In which it is amply demonstrated that the sound bite, long a pariah of pundits and pooh-bahs, is really a help meet to man


My Psychiatrist Tells Me I Have 'Sci-Fitis'...

On an ordinary April day the weirdness came to town


Science Defined by the Hands of a Book Artist

You can't always tell a book by its cover; in fact, it may not even have a cover. These artists' books convey their message in unexpected ways

Aging Process, Charles Csuri

Charles Csuri is an 'Old Master' in a New Medium

When a big mainframe first showed up at Ohio State University, this member of the artfaculty began moonlighting across the quad

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