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Sarah Glassman, PhD

Sarah Glassman, PhD, is a Science Curriculum Developer at the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC). She is responsible for developing new science curriculum for elementary and middle school students. Prior to joining the SSEC, Sarah taught middle and high school and worked in education research at AAAS Project 2061. As a teacher, Sarah taught life, earth, and physical science to middle and high school students in Virginia and New York State. At Project 2061, Sarah worked on assessment alignment to the NGSS and on an NSF-funded project identifying linguistic factors associated with differential student performance on science assessments. Sarah has also taught science methods to pre-service elementary teachers as an adjunct faculty at George Mason University. Sarah earned her doctoral degree in Education from George Mason University in 2016. Her research focused on the relationship between middle school science instruction and student engagement. Sarah has a Master’s degree in Biology Teaching from Union Graduate College and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Brown University.

World Water Day | Don’t Take Your Water for Granted

Can you imagine turning on your kitchen faucet and no water coming out? That may happen to the 3.7 million people living in Cape Town, South Africa. For World Water Day, learn how we get the water that we need.