Author: Wendy Cegielski

Wendy Cegielski

Wendy Cegielski is a former Smithsonian fellow on the NSF funded Mason-Smithsonian Joint Project on Climate and Societal Modeling. She is pursuing her PhD in archaeology from Arizona State University and is affiliated with ASU's Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity. She is trained in computational social network analysis and agent-based modeling. Her current NSF funded research focuses on testing hypotheses about social factors that promote social system stability, using the archaeological record and Social Network Science to identify factors that have caused past societies to resist social change. Her geo-cultural emphasis is the Valencian Bronze Age in eastern Iberia.

With more disciplines working together, better use of big data, and more computer simulations and other quantitative approaches, archaeologists may be able to make meaningful predictions of the future. (Photo courtesy of Wendy Cegielski and Jay Etchings)